Friday, October 8, 2010

Speedlings Scam, Adam Ginsberg


  1. Here is an example of cost for new domain registration, and hosting sites.
    There may be variations among offers/vendors.

    Monthly cost for hosting unlimited sites (e.g. 365 sites): $9.95/mo. Annual cost is $119.40. Reference:
    Cost for new domain registration: $7.99 per domain (no ICANN fee, no extra fee for Who-is privacy). Reference:
    Cost for 365 new domains: $2916.35.

    $3035.75 ( = 119.40 + 2916.35)= $3.0K.
    Cost for using Speedlings (i.e. Adam's profit) is $12.0K - $3.0K = $9.0K.

    If Adam Ginsberg could sell this Speedlings membership to 1000 uninformed people, he would be richer by $9 millions.

    If you want to get *some* of your money back, please be nice to Adam Ginsberg (kiss his butt). Otherwise, you will be the next character on this site (next to 'Stalker' Peter Fry):

    Oh, a good place to start an e-complaint is here: and

    Robert Palmer

  2. I tried kissing his butt but just ended up with a bad taste in my mouth! Did you get your money back? If so, how did you do it? Let's spread the word to as many as possible to help others to get their money back or stop them from having the same experience in the first place. Check out my blog at

  3. Adam Ginsberg is a big, big international scam, bring him to the court!

  4. Hi fellow Speedlings users,

    Are you happy with your investment? Have you recouped your money yet?

    After one year, have you collected enough money from this passive-income, set-and-forget, earn-when-you-sleep program?

    Are you willing to upgrade to Speedling 2.0, to earn more and more income, with less work, and more time to enjoy life?

    Or it was just simply a giant, huge, evil lie that Adam Ginsberg told you, and all of us?

    And you feel that you have been scammed, cheated, stolen out of your hard-earned money?

    I am very angry at this con man, thief, fraudster, and cheater. He is selling a buggy program now (Speedling 2.0), and asking people to buy his articles to feed to Speedlings sites.
    Autoblogging is no longer working since December 2010. Twitter feed is dead. How much time do you have to update all your sites (supposedly 365 sites to be eligible for the "performance guarantee" that may never come).

    Why don't we do something about the sufferings that we got from Adam Ginsberg and Speedlings?

    First, do not renew your subscription with Speedlings 2.0.

    Second, tell the world about the truth about Adam Ginsberg and Speedlings. Let everyone know that Adam Ginsberg is a thief, a scammer, fraudster, and a cheater. Use email, web posting, blogs, etc.

    Third, inform your known contacts in the local (or better national) newspapers, to bring publicity to our cause.

    Fourth, contact the government (local, state/province, federal). Demand justice, and at least, demand your money back. He must pay restitution.

    Thank you all, and best wish in 2011.

    Speedlings victim

    1. I agree. His product does have a use but absolutely does not do what he claims. It should really be sold for $50 and not 6k-12k depending on where you bought it.

  5. Adam Ginsberg and his company are big international scams! STOP Adam Ginsberg's eBay and Speedlings Scams! Read True Testimonials from His Customers and Victims!

    I am a victim of purchasing Adam Ginsberg's eBay course, I realised that it is a very sophisticated scam that many people even do not realise that they have been conned and scammed.

    Adam Ginsberg is an evil, criminal and a scam artist , stay away from him! Read more on

  6. I was a victim of Adam Ginsberg and Speedlings. Adam is a very persuasive seller and marketer. But his product is defective, and it will not work as shown during his "demo."

    Who is unfortunate to be deceived by Adam, and then signs up will lose big money.

    The way the contract that Adam asked people sign, people can not get a refund. And he will not handle the paperwork or the money at all. The organizer of the event (where Adam appeared for 3 hrs as guest speaker) will collect the money.

    The sites generated by Speedlings are only spamming sites, because they gather short postings copied from other sites.

    Now the big new for today 02/26/2011 is that GOOGLE HAS CHANGED ITS ALGORITHM OF INTERNET SEARCH.

    The direct result is that experts in SEO may need to find other employment!
    And the spammy sites like Speedlings may not be shown in Google search.

    If you are considering buying Speedlings, please consider doing something else. You will waste your money and your time. I have been there.
    Otherwise, go ahead, buy Speedlings, and consider that as your life experience. I must admit that I know a little bit more about SEO, keyword selection with Speedlings.

  7. I too, am a victim. Speedlings is a scam !Adam Ginsberg is an intelligent con artist who preys on people's emotion and have no problem taking your hard earned money for his benefits. What he says and what he does is a total contradiction!

    As much as I can summarize to let the word out:

    Its been a year since I ran into this misfortune. I was out of job unemployed and desperate to make money to make ends meet. I did everything that I was told to do in the Speedlings program. After charging what I didn't have on my credit card, I Spent countless hours trying to keep up with all the changes and demands of this "point and click and forget" system. The deeper I feel into this trap, the more it continued to spiral out of control. There was always something you had to fix, more thing you had to do, one more year you had to wait and thousands more you had to spend in order to earn pennies.

    The amount I have charged to my credit card is more than $14,000 to date. The money that I might have made back, maybe totals $150 (mainly through google adsense). Although from what I understand it takes up to 3 months for them to verify before you even get close to that money…so i can honestly, say I have net profit of $0 for the past year using this system.

    We had to pay for to attend a convention in January in which we supposedly would learn the new system--Speedlings 2.0. Again I was foolish enough to charge $600 plus pay for airfare room and board to attend…and you guest it…the same group of Gurus there to sell their products. The same tactics building on peoples emotions to lure more people into yet another program called Mastery…with different levels ranging from $10,000-$40,000.

    It just didn't add up. He had people stand up that made some where in the $1000
    range in December. Of the 300 some attendees there, a handful stood up (of course all had recently paid to be in the mastery program-$6000). Then you find out about how many sites they've built it numbering in the thousand…so lets roughly add this up…

    $6000 unlimited yearly package, $1,200 renewal each year
    $10,000 domain name credits, $10,000 to renew after a year
    $6000 mastery
    TOTAL YEARLY COST~$22,000 for a profit of $2000 in year 2010.
    Don't forget we have renewal fees due, yup another $12000+ to maintain.

    Last reported on Speedlings main website, users have created 759,982 sites? or spam? There are 9724 sites for sale as of today and this number is rising yet no one is buying these lovely sites? Speedings 2.0 is that great but you have to spend another $????? to attend the training class to flip websites, buy article credits, renew sites, buy more domain credits…how much time and effort would it take just to come out even?

    I can't believe I tortured myself waking up every wednesday morning for the past year listening to Ginsberg whiny voice ripping on people for complaining about Speedlings at the start of the webinar. He always has a cleaver excuse, says he will do this and then will do that …just keep on paying more for more pain...

    I know there are hundreds of victims out there around the world. A lot have invested much into this and its scary to loose so much money. I just hope we can get together as a group to educate others about this evil man.

    Never put your all your faith on anyone that claims he will make you money…. Adam Ginsberg is a profession con man and Speedlings is a scam!

  8. Adam Ginsberg's eBay and Speedlings are Scams!

    You MUST visit this website, to discover the Appalling and Ugly Truth about Adam Ginsberg's eBay and Speedlings Scams! I am a victim of his eBay scam.

    Wake up guys! Do NOT pretend that you are doing OK! Adam Ginsberg eBay and Speedlings are the failure systems that are destined to fail. Adam Ginsberg DO NOT make any money from these rubbish systems, but making his money from YOU?!

    Adam Ginsberg's scams are very carefully designed and sophisticated scams that many people even do not realise that they have been conned and scammed! It is time to wake up, DO NOT be fooled by his piles of lies!

    He is a ruthless, cunning and cold blooded conman, who makes his money from other people's misfortune and financial losses. Avoid him like the plague!

    His double money back guarantee is a big scam too, it is a bait to seduce you to signing up with his courses. You will never get back your one cent, you will be disqualified with every reasons from this guarantee! I am telling you the truth from my own experience!

    Read the true stories, reviews, the rip-off reports, feedback and complaints from Adam Ginsberg's Scam Victims. You will find how evil Adam Ginsberg really is!!!

    Please spread your word around and complain to your seminar organisers to STOP Aam Ginsberg Scams! You will be rewarded by helping others, as what goes around comes around!

    YOU MUST Visit

  9. There's some good information on his current activities at!/home.php?sk=group_104728519569580&ap=1

    Ginsberg is drowning the site with Spam, loads of him in his white shirt, but look through it. He actually admits that expired domains are worth nothing to him and he won't keep them, even though he is telling his customers that they can Flip and Grow Rich. He is relentless.

  10. Yes, I've seen that. People here should ask some hard questions on facebook and support the others on there. AG scammer needs to get some heat.

  11. The LA Department of Consumer Affairs is aware of Ginsberg and his activities and has already had contact with Ginsbergs lawyers. Please add your evidence to the pile that is being accumulated.
    The main point of contact is Joe Johnson, who you can call on 213 974 9955.
    Although this is Consumer Affairs, not criminal, and is for LA, rather than wherever you happen to have been scammed, it is still worth adding your evidence as it increases the chances of this being dealt with in a determined fashion, rather than one off agreed settlements for a few fortunate individuals.

    You can post printed information to
    Joe Johnson
    County of Los Angeles
    Department of Consumer Affairs
    500 W. Temple St., Room B-96
    Los Angeles, CA 90012-2722

    Thanks, good luck.

  12. Thanks for posting those details. Hopefully victims will contact Joe, I believe his full details including phone number are as below. If that is not correct please advise and I will make sure to update it. Rob

    Joe Johnson
    County of Los Angeles
    Department of Consumer Affairs
    500 W. Temple St., Room B-96
    Los Angeles, CA 90012-2722
    Phone USA 213 974 9955

  13. I purchased Speedlings on Sat June 5th 2010 at the Investfest conference in Las Vegas.
    Since then, I have spent over $11,000 on Speedlings and domain credits and have built 380 websites.
    The Speedlings website claims that I have made $65.10 for the year, but, I haven't seen a dime from my investment of over an 1 hr every day and over $11,000!
    Now Speedlings won't even honor the double money back guarantee. I have e-mailed them over 20 times and tried to call them. I am very frustrated, to say the least.
    I invested over a year of my life and over $11,000 and haven’t made seen a dime in return. Ask yourself "Is this a good investment?"

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  15. I had one dealing with him and it was among the most unpleasant of my life! He wasted my time and cost me money. Grrr.

  16. Someone in the company I work for went to an Adam Ginsberg presentation and swore by his product. It turned into the office buzz for a couple of weeks. Interested but having been ripped off by a pyramid scheme in college, I did my research. It turns out a friend of mine knew one of his employees by the name of Laurie House. That was all I needed to know. I got the dish. Ms. House is an ecstacy and cocaine dealer, as well as a stripper/coctail waitress on the weekends. She has quite the reputation. Whoever is dumb enough to hire someone of this caliber is dumb enough to run a scam. Stay away from this company, I'm sure there's more employees of his just like this.

  17. Hi All, I signed up for the Adam Ginsberg Internet Mastery Course after attending the SpeedTrada Academy in Melbourne. From what I have researched AG started with Speedlings - then moved to Speedtrada which was useless - after 3 months I still did not have access and support was useless. He then moved to InternetStoreBuilder as the 3rd attempt at this.
    I asked for a refund of my Internet Mastery course as no one from support or the organisation would respond to my issues. Then I received emails treating me as stupid and also threatening - saying the T&CS allowed them to change what I was paying for. Fortunately for me they did not put the T&Cs on the form. They are threatening and not interested in customer satisfaction - in fact quite rude and just a money grab.
    As I live in Australia and signed the agreement in Australia, I have lodged a complaint with the ACCC about AG and his many organisations. If you have been ripped off, denied access to T&Cs or been made to accept unreasonable T&Cs or delaying tactics please lodge a general complaint online at
    Ripped off in Melbourne

    February 27, 2012 5:49 PM

  18. Hello Speedlings Victims
    I have seen many IM scams but Speedlings was the biggest ever that I have come across.
    I joined Adam Ginsberg's programme in March 2010 to build websites using Speedlings.
    I paid substantive amount as everybody else to get the system which was promised to generate passive revenue but this program failed completely to deliver its promise. I acquired or leased many domains through Speedlings at a cost much higher than the general market for similar domains. I paid the initial fee and then the renewal fee after a year or so for many domains.
    Mr Ginsberg encouraged (sometimes bullied) the members to buy large number of domains through Speedlings. After the Speedlings failure Adam Ginberg started another scam “Speed Trada”. Thankfully I did not join the new program. About 3 - 4 months ago Mr Ginsberg discontinued the Speedlings platform and started another similar venture, Instant Store Builder.
    For about 2 - 3 moths I had no access and still have no access to my domains that I paid for in Speedlings. I contacted the Speedlings support and asked for the transfer of domains in my name to the Domain Registrar of my choice. I was sent a list of domains that I could ask for the transfer at a payment of $7 per domain.
    This list contained many domains that I did not renew after the first year and to my surprise did not include many domains that I had recently renewed and wanted to transfer in my name. Upon pointing out the missing domains I was told rather “rudely” that these domains are premium domains and not available for transfer. I do not know how “he” decided to label these domains as “Premium”, probable saw the potential in these domains.
    All my claims were dismissed saying that Speedlings is no more in business and that the premium domains are not available for transfer to me.
    It was really disappointing and frustrating to know that how someone can so blatantly decide to keep my properties (domains) that I paid for and at the same time sell me properties that seem to be useless for him, although I acquired all these properties under the same T&C.
    I searched around and found out that Mr Adam Ginsberg is a eNom’s reseller and used eNom to make money (by reselling domains to its speedlings members at a much higher price). Innocent Speedlings members paid for their domains but they did not know that Mr Ginsberg had all these domains under his name and was in control of the game all the time. Once he discontinued Speedlings he could choose to keep the valuable domains and get paid again for transferring less valuable domains. Mr Ginsberg’s refusal to transfer potentially good domains and willingness to transfer other probably less valuable domains is beyond my comprehension. I believe this is unethical and not a good business.
    Now he has started a new business “agidomains” a domain registrar business, most probably from all the domains that he looted from the speedlings members.
    I have learned not to trust anyone with your hard earned money unless you do your due diligence with the T&C of sale and refund policy. Otherwise, just be content what you have for now. I hope someone will put Mr Ginsberg where he belongs.

    Another Speedlings Victim

  19. In addition to all the above monitory losses and frustration mentioned above by other victims the saga continues, I have not seen a paid affiliate program for Internet Marketing program such as this but we were required to pay about $37 to become affiliate for Speedlings for a year and only after few months of me joining, this affiliate program was discontinued and my (may be other members) fee to become affiliate went into Mr Ginsberg’s pocket! I did not generate a single cent from the affiliate program.

    When Speedlings was discontinued I had about $300 credit in my account but despite of repeated requests I have not received any money back to date, customer support is not responding to my emails any more..

  20. He is a scam artist pure and simple.

    Adam Ginsberg and his Speedlings company appears in google search results for tons of complaints, it is only a matter of time before there is a class action lawsuit against this fraudster.

    I don't know how Adam Ginsberg sleeps at night. His software is buggy, glitchy and does not work as promised.

    When you ask for a refund, he puts the onus on you the consumer and claims it's your fault because you didn't follow his "system".

    I asked them to CANCEL my account in November 2011 and last week in MAY 2012, I received 3 invoices for a "Yearly Renewal". They debited my debit card for domain credits after I had already cancelled my account. After informing them of their error they refused to refund my money, claiming they needed 15 days advance notice.

    Their support number is simply a prerecorded message telling you to put in a support ticket to his support website.

    What a joke!

    They didn't get back to me for 5 full days, and when they did it was only to tell me that it was MY fault and they were not going to refund my money.

    I have called my bank to file a dispute for the transactions.


  21. There is a new scam from Adam Ginsberg,
    Now he is working on a project called: "Secrets of an Auction Millionaire" and targeting ebay users.

    1. Thanks for the update. Scammers (i.e. psychopaths) never retire they just re-invent themselves.